Okay, so these. two. I know I may say this about every couple, but I actually get excited about how cool our clients are and can't help but brag!

Laura & Dan were SO fun to work with. Both the most cheerful, cheeky, laid back, and incredibly fit (yes fit) two people and I feel so lucky to have been able to be apart of their special day. Laura & Dan hired us for Event & Floral Design, as well as Day-of Coordination. Obviously I was thrilled about the blank canvas they booked as their venue - Holland Marsh Winery, and we were going all out in...white!  White florals, white linens, white chairs, etc. and we couldn't have been happier looking back on our everything turned out.

Now I'm posting this about a year later, and super excited that these beauts are having a baby very soon! From the girls at Inspire, congrats guys! ... we also expect baby visits.



07/03/2017 4:52am

They must've had a lot of fun at their wedding. I want to bid them congratulations for their successful ceremony. They seem to love each other with deep emotions. I know that they'll last forever, as I can deduce from their expressions. I wish them well on their new life together.

07/14/2017 5:40pm

Unbeatable decor!

07/16/2017 12:20pm

It was such a remarkable wedding! I hope they are happy together right now.

Beauties! What a wonderful couple! Hope their love is forever!

07/26/2017 12:08am

Such a adorable wedding, stay blessed.

08/01/2017 7:33am

Very beautiful couple! ^_^

08/03/2017 5:08pm

I am sure that it was a happy day for these guys. They look amazing on these photos.

08/11/2017 1:23am

Beauties! I wish you as much love as it's possible! Be happy!

08/11/2017 4:24am

It is one of the best article as i have found here thank you so much.

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