Make it classy
Kids parties don’t need to be all plastic plates and cartoon characters. Design a party that you’re proud of and let your kids feel fancy! Add a charger plate, print a name tag, throw in a centrepiece, they’ll absolutely love it. You’re creating a little experience you all can enjoy together. If you’re not the creative type, then hire companies like @inspireeventrental who bring in everything you need, from decor, name tags, plates and cutlery and then clean up the mess when you’re done!
Invite the adults too
Kids remember fun events that they had with their parents. When you have a little dinner party, or lunch, brunch or tea party both kids and adults can enjoy themselves, especially if friends and family are around.
Make fancy drinks
Kids love colourful drinks with crazy garnishes, have a cheers and enjoy. Oh! and a little bubbly to the adult drinks for some added fun.
Plan a series of activities to keep kids interested
Cupcake decorating, mommy and me mani’s and pedi’s, but our personal favourite is a reveal cake. Refrain from cutting the cake until the end of the party, but create anticipation for what’s inside. Find innovative companies like @withlovefromThuyandThi who will not only colour the inside of the cake, but add hidden surprises like gum balls or jelly beans. How much more exciting is it to cut into this mystery cake and have candy tumble out!?
Hire a photographer
Even just for an hour to shoot the details you worked so hard on and to get the kids’ (and even the adults’ ) reactions to all the excitement displayed on the table! Sure, without a photographer you’ll have phone photos of your guests, but you should be part of the action too! You’ll be thankful you did, especially when you see all the great shots, like these ones from @helloinspira.

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05/25/2017 8:03am

This post will help me to make a perfect birhday party for my kid. I appreciate your help.

05/26/2017 12:45am

Whoa! It is such a wonderful idea! It is not your typical children birthday party. It is more of like a princess or tea party wherein adults can really enjoy too. I want to make this one on my little sister's birthday next month. I hope it all turns out well.

05/25/2017 3:47pm

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I love every bit of this post! This is such a good idea to reinvent the traditional kids party with too colorful decorations and sugary foods. I don't have anything against traditional kids parties but it would be great if innovative ideas are to be incorporated into these parties. I like the idea of making it classy and way more fun by also inviting adults because even if it's a kids party, inviting the parents or guardians of the kids would help create a much more comfortable environment for the kids instead of simply leaving them to play with other kids. It's also a great way to make new friends with other kids' parents or guardians and get to know them better. I believe this would make the party more enjoyable and engaging.

06/20/2017 2:32pm

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