1. Find a team of vendors you trust with the day - Your make-up artist, hair stylist, photographer, videographer, even your decorator. Finding a team of vendors that are great at what they do and also work great together will make the world of a difference when it comes down to the day of your wedding. If you find an awesome team, you’ll avoid feeling like you have to micromanage or check in on progress. Hiring a team of vendors that you trust will also keep you on time and worry free because basically, these people are prepared for anything. Just remember - In a wedding, event, any production, things go wrong or plans change. It’s how you deal with it is what determines how your special day will turn out in the end. If you put your trust in your vendors and know that if any issues arise, they know exactly what to do and how to fix any situations. Basically, let the pros deal with everything and make sure you focus on having a great time.
2. Make your morning luxurious, it’s your special day, why wouldn’t you!?
- Go for an early morning yoga class, have a spa morning, sleep in… do whatever. you. want. It’s your day and the way you begin it will determine how the rest of the day will go. Relax, try not to let nerves take over, there really isn’t anything to be nervous about! Take the morning slow, and incorporate the next few tips for a luxurious, care free morning. Also, splurge on a hotel or somewhere special to wake up and start getting ready for your big day. Sure, you may be saving money getting ready at your home, but it won’t feel special, or relaxing. You’ll be surrounded by reminders of work, house duties, errands etc. so take our advice and set-up a luxe morning for you to enjoy. You’ll be so happy you did.
3. Look cute, from the moment you rise! - Okay, maybe you need a few minutes to brush your fangs and shower, but after that slip into something you feel beautiful in, like By Catalfo’s collection of robes. Sarah is a robe design genius, she created a beautiful collection of robes in complimentary styles and colours for you and all your girls to wear while they get ready. Keep in mind you’ll be getting photos back from your photographer and there will be quite a few shots of the morning. The worst is looking back at the photos and wishing you had brushed your hair, or worn something cute. You’ll feel so chill, beautiful and luxurious rocking your Catalfo robes and looking cute with the rest of your crew.

4. Make sexy snacks and beverages - Mimosas are so yesterday. Create something beautiful and tasty, like these three drink recipes.

Grapefruit Mimosa - Skip the OJ and use grapefruit juice instead. It’s better for you, has less sugar and tastes unreal.

- Fill half the glass with grapefruit juice
- Top up with Bottega Prosecco
- Add beautiful fruit garnishes

Don’t just buy fruit platters from the grocery store and put them out. Have your friends and family skewer berries, or cut grapefruit to add on a beautiful platter with cane sugar. You’re treating yourself today with beautiful details which include your morning of food and bevies. You and your friends will enjoy sipping pretty drinks, snacking on pretty food, and feeling pretty, now how lovely does that sound?
Hibiscus Bubbles - You can get beautiful jarred hibiscus from home and gift stores like Simply Beautiful. When bubbles are poured over, these beauties open up and look absolutely stunning. They also taste amazing!!

- Drop a hibiscus into the champagne glass
- Top up with Bottega Prosecco
Pommy Prosecco - Take a pomegranate and use those beautiful seeds and juice to create a gorgeous and tasty drink.
- Fill champagne glass halfway with seeds and juice
- Top up with Bottega Prosecco
5. Remember your crew - These chicks are at your wedding and in your bridal party because they mean so much to you. Have FUN with them and don’t micromanage. Sure you may be a little nervous, maybe even a little stressed, but try your best not to take it out on those around you. Have the best morning of preparation and fun, relaxing while you’re all getting beautified, that way you can look back on your special day and recall how you spent it with your closest and most meaning relationships.



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I am really happy to read the natural drinks and fruits because new generation want to eat the fast food. And we know very well it is not good for our body and natural food only gives the benefit.

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This day was stress-free for you? It's hard for me to believe in that. No offense.

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Awesome pics! Great work! Keep up the good work.

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First of all, it's no wonder why you have a really prosperous career in photography. Those pictures are obviously borne out of perfection and much effort and also vision. I can observe that the frame in each photo was really fully utilized. The theme was perfectly designed to coincide with the technique used in this particular post. Tremendous job.

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Amazing work ladies, this came together so beautifully! You girls literally do it all for your Brides - including mixing amazing cocktail recipes!!! XO

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